Secure your PC, Mac, or mobile device with Norton WiFi Privacy

If you’re not using a VPN when you connect over public Wi-Fi, you’re simply playing with fire. (If you’re not using a VPN even when you connect over your own network, you might also be playing with spying 

Security for all

Before you think a VPN is the realm of those users who have something nefarious to hide – like illegal activity – you have to remember that unsecured public Wi-Fi connections like the kind that restaurants, hotels, and shops offer to their customers are quite vulnerable to hacking. Even something as harmless as popping into your bank’s website to check your account balance could put you at risk.
Unfortunately, it’s not just tech-savvy cybercriminals you have to worry about monitoring your internet use. While hacking is certainly a very real threat, a lot of tech users don’t want their activity monitored by companies interested in advertising. They may also have concerns about outsiders being able to see their social media activity, putting their family members or children at risk. You’d like to know that your personal photos, videos, and other uploads are only being seen by the people you’ve given permission.

Household name

Norton, one of the household names in the antivirus and anti-malware software industry, offers a VPN called Norton WiFi Privacy for just this kind of purpose. It encrypts your information no matter what type of device you’re using to connect, preventing others from accessing your account information, passwords, photos, credit card numbers, and more. Built as a subscription based app, it runs quietly in the background as long as you’ve got it activated, securing all of your internet use, no matter how mundane or sensitive it may be.
Features include:
  • Protect the data you send and receive when using public Wi-Fi with bank-grade encryption
  • Offers you anonymity online for safe browsing and searching
  • Access to your favorite apps and content, no matter where you travel
  • Employs a no-log virtual private network that doesn’t track, store, or worse, share your activity
  • Top-notch Norton customer support
One of the greatest things about a VPN from a personal use standpoint is the ability to connect to your own content no matter where you are. If you travel, Norton not only protects you from illegal activity over suspicious Wi-Fi connections, but it also enables you to access all of the content that you pay for and enjoy when you’re home, regardless of international licensing agreements. If it was legally accessible and legitimately owned when you’re in your usual location, you’ll be able to rely on Norton WiFi Privacy to enjoy it while abroad.
Again, VPNs were once mistakenly thought of as a tool for people with less than honest intentions, but in this current political and privacy-minded climate, it just makes sense to safeguard your information and your activity from anyone who wants to see it without your knowledge. There is no good reason for someone to follow your online use without informing you, and Norton WiFi Privacy helps prevent that threat.

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